The Conclave (Lost EP)


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This EP was first intended to serve as a pre-production for an eventual full-lenght that was never to see the light of day... as a final gift, here are those tracks for everybody to enjoy.


released January 11, 2011

Gab.357 - Vocals & Lyrics.
Tom - Guitars.
Seb - Bass.
Rob - Drums.

Guest Back Vocals by Max "Scythrawl" and Rob.

Recording and Mixing by Jean-Baptiste Joubaud.
Mastered by Alan Douche.



all rights reserved


VATICAN Montréal, Québec

Hailing from the Metal capital of Montreal; Vatican is best described as "Dirty Black & Roll". Featuring members from: (ex) Ion Dissonance, Nefastus Dies, The Last Felony, BLIGHT & Dopethrone.

For fans of Motorhead, Nachtmystium, Down, Khold, Satyricon.
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Track Name: Libido / Destrudo
.: I :. LIBIDO / D E S T R U D O

If one was to believe the rationale of “some” deceased cocaine addicted professor; we, humans are made of two separate and often conflicting urges: “Libido” and “Destrudo”. (Calling it “love” is but a Freudian slip of the tongue.)

And [it’s probably] why victims of trauma often feel the need to re-live again and again their shocking experiences. That must also explain why, as I was vomited non-stop in a dark piss-soaked alley, I kept on replaying in my head the images of what I had just done.

It’s the sacrifice I had to make… and in the end I sort of liked it.
I am the reincarnation of Sigmund!

She was first surprised when I told her I’d pay extra not to use a rubber. She even tried to talk me out of it and convince otherwise. Twenty bucks plus shut her right up.

I did what I had to do and walked away lightheaded. She’ll never know which role she’ll play in the evolution of the specie.

I guess the purple scabs on my dick truly are the wonderful Fruits of Life.

- Seb Painchaud - anno MMIX -
Track Name: further.down.under.below
.: II :. Further.D o w n.Under.B e l o w.

Fuck Art!
Fuck Poetry!
Fuck Music!
Fuck Humanity!
But most importantly...

Who always prided himself a loyal and honest representative of those feeble concepts. And always considered myself an Aristocrat of the Will.
(Through my writings and such). Huh?!

Yet the Will never was my own!
Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam!

This affliction drained everything noble of me.
Barely alive I am left; an empty husk [to be used.]

oh I beg of you…
To which Greater Evil, have I became the vessel?

A pathetic agent serving ageless masters that I have never even met,
yet they are weaving my very destiny.

tell me; oh I beg of you,
To which Greater Evil, have I became the vessel?

My pen is but an extension of their bidding!

11 chores are needed to break the shackles!
11 deeds to grow and upstage redemption!

- gab.357 - anno MMVIII -
Track Name: Stendhal's Carrion

Carve into me and feed as you must…

I am Stendhal's Carrion,
A martyr of Art.
Murdered by mercy,
Rotting for beauty.

I'm the strychnine on your breath,
The most treacherous of alcohols,
The greatest pleasure there is...

Worlds as weapons, [I'm crystallizing on canvas]
For me to use against the confines of Kosmos
To fully comprehend the depths of Life,
and its meaningless cycle

Burst forth hostile art forms of my creation,
Deformed, from unreachable dimensions
Impossible to grasp,
yet the key to so many secrets beyond.

For I am the nuclear force sweeping trough the Land,
of Leviathanesque proportions.

I am Stendhal's Carrion,
A martyr of Art.
Murdered by mercy,
Rotting for beauty.
I am Stendhal's Carrion,
Martyr of Art.
Strangle my Glory
for the likes of thee.

A walking, breathing Masterpiece…

My Gospel requires Radium devotion.

Death never asked for such a perfect pupil,
yet here I am, decaying, ready for the taking.

Ready for the taking!
My Gospel requires Radium devotion.

Death never wished for such a perfect pupil,
yet here I AM!

- gab.357 - anno MMVIII -
Track Name: Lexicon
.: IV :. L E XI CO N

I am teaching you; “the Hyperhuman”.
Man is a thing that must overcome itself.
In order to overcome and spin forward the Akashic Wheel,
what are we truly doing?

What is an Ape to a Man?
A laughing matter or a shameful feeling that hurts?

And what should be a Man to the Hyperhuman?
A laughing matter or a shameful feeling that hurts?

From earthworms we have evolved into Men…
And still we possess a lot of the earthworm.
In days of yore, we were apes,
and now Man is even more of an ape than the Ape itself.

But the wiser of us all, this one, is but a simple discord,
an hybrid between a vegetable and a spectre.

Well then...
Should I command you to be a vegetable or a mere spectre?
See, I am teaching you the Hyperhuman!
A dream is what this World once seemed to me, and the fiction of a God;
A vaporous color, to the eye of a divinely unsatisfied being.

Right and wrong, bliss and blight, the “I” and the “You” –
A vaporous color, this once seemed to me, veiled behind visionary motives.
To divert its sight from itself, is what the Creator meant to do,
When he first beget the World…

This World, “the Forever Imperfect”, copy of a celestial contradiction,
drunkard’s dream of its flawed Creator.

Drunkard’s dream of Our flawed Creator!

- Gab.357 based on Nietzsche - anno MMX -
Track Name: READ
.: V :. R E A D

I am but a shell of my former shadow…
and these here are not lyrics.
[This is not another conceptual essay or literary twist…]

This here story is real,
all too real I am afraid.

It is I, Gabriel, speaking to you, readers.
Whoever, whenever and wherever you are.

I need to talk…
I need to get this shit out of my system.

On September the 10th of 2002, at around 2h30 in the morning, I have killed an innocent man in a city park, in Montreal, and never have been caught as to this day.

[I know] it’s is way out of context for me to say this,let alone write about it in an album, and it probably seems like something that can’t be done.

Something that is untrue. That I must be lying.
I leave that to your judgement really...

But no, I have committed murder and there’s no way around it.
I don’t know the name of the victim, it was a random incident, nothing planned.

…but I must admit that prior to the murder I had premeditated such scenes in my mind more than once but the actual killing wasn’t a fantasy [put into actions.]

This I swear!

I’ll accept the fate which lies ahead of me, no matter what the costs.
If I go to jail then so be it, if I commit suicide then so be it.

And if I find the strength to keep on going on about my life without ever hearing about the incident again…

Then this confession would’ve meant nothing.
Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. NOTHING!

- Gab.357 - anno MMX -