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Wallow Within Vatican take the words Black'n' Roll quite literally. They actually play Black Metal and Rock'n' Roll. I specifically search for tags like these and I gotta say I listened to all Bands with that tag that are currently available on Bandcamp at the moment. This imo is by far the best. Good istrumentation and a very varying, well excuted vocal style. If you like this check out Slaegt from Denmark.
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“With some bands, you can almost feel the glee of the musicians – that shit-eating grin of a rock musician who knows he’s on to something. Vatican are like that, booze-swilling and smoking their way through five kickass “psalms” on this debut EP. Black n’ Roll is a great concept, on paper, but its rarely been applied to the full effect. However, these Canadians have a rare gritty, loose groove and the knack for laying down the sonic equivalent of a bottle of JD. There are ex-members of Ion Dissonance in the band, but while that’ll look good on stickers, it doesn’t bear much relation at all with Vatican’s sound – it’s a latter-era Carpathian Forest drunken ride you’re in for here. With song titles like “Hope_ you miserable fucking Cunt!” and lyrics covering child-murdering serial killer and depression, the whole feel of the EP probably begs for a slightly dirtier sound, but overall, “Shotgun Evanglium” is extremely promising.” [- Terrorizer, 8/10]

“Vatican’s empirical sound is one of committed black ‘n’ roll ala Phazmor Carpathian Forest, though a bit more well-mannered than either of them... With that said, everything about this one exudes confidence and craft, from the wham-bam-thank-you-goatlord sonic intensity to the cohesive album cover and layout. Voila, instant contenders from up north, righting some of Montreal’s recent metal transgressions.” [Tartarean Desire, 8/10]

C'est quoi?: C’est la résurrection « metallique » tant attendue du misanthrope Gabriel « .357 » McCaughry (ex-Ion Dissonance, ex-Trails of Anguish, ex-Unquintessence). Entouré des infidèles Tom Polychuck (guitare), Seb Painchaud (basse) et Vince (batterie), il livre comme premier évangile un EP expéditif (14 min. 21 sec.) de 5 chansons. Malsain ou violent?: Les deux! Marqué du sang de ses auteurs (littéralement – 50 copies sont imprégnées de leur hémoglobine!), Shotgun Evangelium allie l’ambiance malsaine du black metal et la violence du hardcore, mais aussi l’entrain du rock. Des thèmes aussi sinistres que l’infanticide, la nécrophilie, le cannibalisme et le viol sont abordés sur cette première hérésie qui pourrait être la trame sonore de votre prochain exorcisme. Vatican privilégie donc le sacrilège et l’agression sonore aux prouesses techniques. Amen. Impossible de résister au groove du passage chanté « Tonight, the Devil’s dancing for me » sur Borgian Excesses (sur le règne pervers du pape Alexandre VI) et aux chœurs en groupe sur Dysangile. On brûle?: En enfer, oui, pour avoir touché ce fruit défendu, bien que pas encore tout à fait mûr. Mais c’est une question de temps avant que Vatican ne nous mène à notre perte. Peut-on vraiment exiger plus? [- Bande A Part, 7/10 & 8/10]

[-Spirit of Metal, rated 18/20]


released September 1, 2009

Vocals & Lyrics: Gabriel McCaughry
Guitars: Thomas Polychuck
Bass: Sebastien Painchaud
Drums: Vincent Houde



all rights reserved


VATICAN Montréal, Québec

Hailing from the Metal capital of Montreal; Vatican is best described as "Dirty Black & Roll". Featuring members from: (ex) Ion Dissonance, Nefastus Dies, The Last Felony, BLIGHT & Dopethrone.

For fans of Motorhead, Nachtmystium, Down, Khold, Satyricon.
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Track Name: Paperdolls
Let me kill you...
I won’t beg but I urge you not to resist
My name, the last you’ll whisper,
With a sour taste in your mouth

Paperdoll Killer,
I was baptised as such by the newspapers
My name the last, you’ll ever whisper…

Let me kill you...
I won’t beg but I urge you not to resist
My name, the last you’ll whisper,
With a sour taste upon your lips

Paperdoll Killer,
I was baptised as such by the newspapers
My name the last, you’ll ever whisper…

Now hush (/ just shut the fuck!)

The dichotomy of Hatred and Love,
Wholesome and complete in your lifeless body;

Bow down to Me!
Track Name: Hope_ you miserable fucking cunt!
“The Past can bind a man as surely as Iron…”

I need to make a pause, to catch my breath first…
for this may be hard to explain.

I’ve been married for at least 14, 15 years now, I don’t know?
I don’t remember quite frankly.
Still, I know this; I’ve been a loyal and faithful husband
to an unusually frigid wife
for all this time.

I must have fucked the soulless whore
at least 2 to 3 years before
she actually trespassed and never quite noticed
the difference even after. Until now that is...

Truly, how could I have known she was dead?
So cold and inanimate she was, when still living?
And to think I thought things were
getting better between the two of us…

Alright, I do realise that I’ve probably said more than enough now.

Bring me to the Pyre
let's get this shit over with.
Track Name: The Nobility
I had no need to swallow the stuff… yet I did.
A poetry for both mind & body,
in all its ecclesiastic obscenity.

Glorified Lust? oh yes...
amongst other sweets to slowly gnaw and sip upon.
I drank it all, liquid skins, boiling fluids...
punishing, ruining, lovely infants and indecent virgins alike.

that I’ve leisurely digested in my innards,
making their way towards the bottom of my bowels
to be reborn anew, purified and fairer.

Alas, the cleansing process is not a simple one;
damn it!
swallowing this eyeball is harder than I initially expected.

To be granted to taste
my wasted seed is beyond natural delight,
it brings you somehow closer to the Divine.
Track Name: Borgian Excesses
Scarred... and there's nothing sweeter.
If both Love and Hate are two beasts fighting over which one I'm gonna feed the most;
Then fuck it; I shall slay them both and devour their corpses.

And You;
Filthy, sinful, desirable animal, I name ye; Women.
Truly a necrotic insult to the Flesh... this gift of god almighty?
Bestowed upon us, I guess, to significantly hush the monotony of sustenance

Swallowing the various shades of grey; the sand down my throat.

Strip It, wipe It clean,
Pallid blood, acrid sweat and sweetened tears,
the usual Ordeal.
Dripping soundlessly from insecure beings.

I am savoring, patiently lusting over this carnal meal.
Forcefeeding Hell itself, so fiery within...

To quench My thirst shall be the whole of the Law.
After all, its such a fragile and artful dedication.

And tonight... the Devil’s dancing for me...
Oh, I chained the bitch down tightly.

Clawed... and there's nothing holier.
Jesus wept and so shall we...
Track Name: Dysangile
Red-Inked log entry...
nervously written, half torn, ripped and dirtied...
Drunken statements of yet a firm resolution to be undertaken

Shotgun Evangelium.

"If divine revelation simply means adjusting your brain to hear
what your heart already knows."
No wonder I’m thoroughly fucked & hollow,
my heart being deaf, dumb and blind.

And as such, it will be impossible for me to back down.
I... I can’t, my counscience simply won’t allow me to.

Soothingness is all I’m seeking now;
And concerning these particular basic needs of mine
I would still vouch for that shooter-girl
Curves… hell-bent on aknowledging my resolve

I need to immerse myself again,
to indulge my senses,
Never will I deny this choice i was blessed to receive,
merrily torturing me...

Car celui "qui a rejeté ses démons nous importune avec ses anges." – [Henri Michaux]